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Please ensure you have selected the right model Jeep as we are unable to change the order once the order is printed and packaged.

Jeep Grill Skins reserves the right to change these restrictions at any time as we see fit.

We will not accept returns, refunds, exchanges after 60 days of purchase. This is a set rule, we will not make exceptions for any reason.
Jeep Grill Skins that have been removed from the transfer tape and\or placed onto a Jeep will not be accepted as a return or for an exchange for any reason as the removal from the transfer tape and application onto a Jeep voids our ability to re sell that skin.
Jeep Grill Skins that were discounted (for a reason other than a coupon code) will not be accepted as a return or for an exchange for any reason.
Jeep Grill Skins that were custom made are not able to be returned or exchanged for any reason since that custom skin is made specifically for a customers needs\wants.
If a customer would like to exchange the grill skin they ordered, there was no discount on the Jeep Grill Skin, and the skin is still attached to the transfer tape we will accept it but the customer must pay to ship the skin back to our warehouse. The customer must send the skin back in a timely manner (3-5 business days) in original resell able condition. Once we receive the skin, a new one of your choice (must be equal value) will be sent to that customer.

Returns will be accepted for the following orders: Orders that are not sale skins, custom skins or that are removed from the transfer tape in resell able condition.Custom Skins:

Our company welcomes all idea's for new Jeep Grill Skins and we do accept emails or phone calls for custom orders
Custom designed skins will be charged an additional $50.00-$100.00 on top of the standard price of $79.99
Please be advised that custom designed skins take a little extra time and will get to you within a 2 week time range from the date of payment.
Skins that are custom designed require payment in full before the start of the custom skin.
We are unable to make any sports team grill skins due to copyright infringement.

We offer many coupons and sale prices on skins throughout the year for customer convenience.
However, if a skin is discounted for any reason other than a coupon code, we will not accept a return or an exchange on that skin. (Please refer up to the Returns\Exchanges section)
A coupon code on our site will only be valid for a certain time frame and will no longer be valid after that date under any circumstances. We will not take any expired offers and apply them to an offer made after the date the coupon expires.

We hope the process of placing an order with Jeep Grill Skins is a pleasant and easy experience for you. 
To shop our store you must first click Shop on the menu bar and then choose the skin that fits you! You must choose the year Jeep you are looking to install the skin to and also what finish you want the skin to be (glossy, matte, brushed metal, carbon fiber, metallic). You can also select for reflective for your Jeep Grill Skin.
Add the item to your cart, type billing information that pertains to you, choose your form of payment and submit!
You will receive a confirmation order and a tracking number to your email and the skin will be shipped 3-5 business days after the order is placed.